Tampa Fishing for November 2012

Tampa Fishing CharterWhen you plan a trip to go fishing in Tampa, one thing that you probably want to know the most is what kind of fish you’ll catch on any particular day. It will largely  depend on what time of year you go fishing. During spring and summer, the kind of fish you’ll catch is rather predictable. However, during early spring and fall, fish are much more migrant and it’s a little more difficult to say what kind will be in any given area.

What kind of fish that will be available when you go Tampa fishing, will depend on the temperature of the water. When the water temperature is below 80°, you can expect Kingfish. When the temperature is around 75°, you can expect grouper. When the temperature drops below the 60s, however, these fish are likely to move to warmer waters. That’s why it’s a bit hard to say what kind of fish will be in the area a couple weeks from now as the water temperature can fluctuate quite rapidly.

Right before Hurricane Sandy, the waters were ripe with grouper, which makes sense since there were a lot of restrictions on grouper fishing earlier in the year. If you’re looking to use pinfish or whitebait, you should definitely consider going fishing now before the water gets much colder. All these baits are highly effective for you to catch more grouper in shallow water. You may wish to use  chum to help draw in the fish more effectively. When the water gets even colder, you can catch grouper more effectively by using frozen sardines.

Now that the waters are calmer after the storms, it is expected that mackerel and Kingfish will be near the shore for superb Tampa fishing. However, temperatures in the Gulf have already dropped down to the bottom of the range grouper are present so if you want to catch them, you need to schedule a charter immediately. At the moment, the water near the shore is stirred up a bit from the storms, so if you want to make good catches, you should consider offshore fishing for now. A fishing guide will drop some chum and you can likely expect Mackerel and Kingfish to show up.

At the moment, redfish are also increased but it may not last for long. Likewise, trout are likely to show up soon, especially if the water continues to drop in temperature. When in doubt, ask your Tampa fishing guide to let you know what fish to expect.

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Welcome to Tampa Fishing Charter Company

Welcome to Tampa Fishing Charter Company

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